5 Worst Post-workout nutrition mistakes


Take your post-workout gains way up by avoiding these post-workout nutrition mistakes:

  1. Water Sippin’

Own It: You’re not drinking enough

You went hard in your workout. Your dripping wet with sweat. You look like a shaggy dog that’s run through a sprinkler. In that sweat you lose more than water. Sweat is made up of water and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium.

Elevate It: Get hydrated

Re-hydrating after your workout is crucial to recovery and sometimes water alone isn’t enough. You also need to replenish electrolytes, which play a role in everything from muscle function to heart efficiency. Let’s just say, if your skin is starting to look and feel like leather you may need to up your hydration game.

Take small sips of water all day long. Sip water throughout your workout and drink a rehydrating drink after. One that replaces the electrolytes sodium and potassium.


  1. Whey vs. Plant-Based; Protein Game Strong

Own It: You’ve been using the same protein powder for years.

Having whey as your only protein option is like on fleek being the only way to say you’re looking good. It gets tired, fast. You’re strong and working on those gains but save the curls for the gym and put down that massive tub of whey protein. Instead, consider your options.

Elevate It: Vary your protein

There’s a world of protein options out there. We love plant-based protein because it has what you’re looking for – the amino acids you need to help build and repair muscles. In addition, plant-based protein can be more sustainable from growth to production than animal protein.

Meet your new protein bullpen:

Pea protein: Lactose-free, pea protein has sodium, helping to replenish what you left on the floor.

Hemp protein: With its complete amino acid profile, hemp protein has all of the essential amino acids you need to get from your diet. This includes BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), which can help your body recover.

Get these proteins and in every scoop with Hemptons Pure Plant Protein and Pure Hemp Protein Powder.


  1. Started From the Bottom of the Fuel Tank

Own It: You’re not eating enough

You want to make strength gains, change your body composition or just be ready for whatever life throws at you. Whatever your goal, don’t starve your muscles and deplete your energy by not eating enough.

Elevate It: Fuel the right way

Your body needs fuel for energy, strength and repair during recovery. Keep it real, get your macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) from real, whole foods and give your body the nourishment it needs. Honor your hunger and make sure you are consuming enough throughout the day. Not sure exactly what that looks like? Think organic veggies and fruits in all the rainbow colours. Free range meats and poultry. Real food. No over processed, sugar laden snacks and take-aways.


  1. Takeout Bling

Own It: You waited too long to eat

Now you’re calling up you know who, for you know what. Takeout, pizza, whatever your go-to choice is, if you wait too long to eat you’re more inclined to make poor decisions when you’re starving later.

Elevate It: Eat within 20 minutes

Ignoring your hunger post-workout is like ignoring the flat on your bike. Sure, you can ride (or go without eating) for a while but it’ll catch up with you. Just like you don’t want to walk your bike, you want to avoid dialling up that takeout hotline and eating something that’s doesn’t support your goals. Within 20 minutes post-workout, look for easy to digest carbs paired with protein (think fruit with a few nuts) to help replenish muscle glycogen faster than carbs alone.


  1. Overindulging

Own It: You use the gym as excuse to eat anything you want

Just because you hit the gym, hard, doesn’t mean you can eat and drink whatever, whenever, because the truth is you can’t out squat, lift or out run a poor diet.

Elevate It: Eat nutrient dense foods

Your diet plays a role in how quickly you’ll reach your workout goals. Focus your diet around nutrient dense foods (clean protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals) for fewer calories. Eat a balance of clean protein (like lentils and beans), fats (see: olive oil and avocado), fibre (hello veggies, whole grains and fruit) to be ready for whatever life throws at you.

With your post-workout fuel on point, your future workouts will be the best you ever had.


One thought on “5 Worst Post-workout nutrition mistakes

  1. The most important is obviously missing, and even more – i question 4 & 5. Why ? You should not have any sugar, in any form for 1.5-2 hrs post a heavy work-out / exercise / interval sport. Unless you want to age faster than expected in time

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