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Eat Beetroot, Be a Better Athlete


Poor beetroot has always been a bit of a nobody vegetable. It’s never the first to be picked for a salad, it’s really kind of odd tasting, it’s a bit of a messy faff to prepare, and let’s be honest – nobody wants red pee.

But it seems beets have something to prove; you shouldn’t judge a vegetable by its ugliness. There’s a veritable nutritional powerhouse concealed behind the gnarly-ness that has led to a whole host of professional athletes jumping on the beetroot bandwagon and chugging its juice to boost their performances, which has seen it dubbed ‘legal blood doping’. Yep, there has been quite a furor over just how powerful the juice from this unassuming vegetable can be to athletic performance.

Why’s it so special then?2014-05-29 13.44.13

The secret to beetroot’s power lies in its superior nitrate content. Nitric oxide aids the widening of…

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